We are FanDragon Technologies

by FanDragon Technologies, July 10, 2019

Allow us to introduce ourselves…

We are FanDragon Technologies. Welcome to our blog!

Open up a typical family photo album – and you’ll see that it’s filled with shared events. Concerts, sports, theme parks, nights out at the theater.  These are our memories. Live events play an important role in our lives. It’s how we celebrate, enjoy friends and family, and connect with our larger culture.  

At FanDragon, we are determined to protect the integrity of those events.  Our mission is to securely deliver mobile tickets, and we do that extremely well.  But it’s more than that: we aim to transform the entire ticketing experience. The “ticket” can be a hub for so much more – engagement, information, opportunity, community.  Here at FanDragon, we have a saying: Any Event, Every Ticket. Whether it’s sporting events, concerts, theme parks, theaters, or family attractions, we’re taking tickets to the next level.  We are fundamentally rethinking what is possible.

We’re a little different too.  We don’t look like other tech companies.  We bring a much more diverse set of expertise and experiences to the table – and we’re proud of that.   If you look at our team page, you’ll see everyone has a superpower. In one sense, we believe in magic – and in superpowers.  In addition to a team with decades of deep experience in the technology sector, our secret superpower is that we have an incredibly diverse team with intimate knowledge in each of the entertainment verticals we are pursuing.  Some have decades of hardcore experience in ticketing, others have deep knowledge of music, sports, theatre, artists. The one thing we share is our absolute belief in the FanDragon mission.  

Another secret superpower we have is the Aventus Protocol – an open-source blockchain protocol, created by true believers in the transformative promise of open blockchain – and who’ve taken it further than ever, solving for scale, speed and privacy.   Because the protocol wasn’t developed by industry, we are free to innovate and do what’s best for our partners, and of course, the fans.

The Dragon is a mythical protector, but FanDragon’s solutions are very real, very cutting-edge, and rooted in innovative technology.  At FanDragon it’s personal for us. We believe in win-wins. What’s good for the fans is good for our partners. A counterfeit ticket is in no one’s best interest.  An empty seat is an empty seat: a missed opportunity, a lost photo that isn’t going into the album. At FanDragon, we want to see photo albums filled up with incredible memories – the winning play, the final act, the curtain call, the group selfie at the end of the night.  At FanDragon, we are here to help our partners create these memories – and realize the true potential of shared events.  

We look forward to sharing our story in the coming months.  Follow our blog – and join us on our journey to revolutionize the ticketed experience!

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