27 Daily Habits Practiced By Exceptionally Successful People

Inc. Magazine

October 4, 2019

According to more than two dozen high achievers, it comes down to the things you do every single day.

The definition of success is a subjective one. But for most people it likely involves some level of career achievement, financial security so that you can provide for yourself and your family, and a posse of people in your life who love and support you. Clearly, these are things not everyone possesses. Yet according to more than two dozen high achievers, it’s just a matter of being consistently focused on the right things.

“I used to wait until the perfect time to relax and enjoy fun activities, family and friends until I realized that there is no perfect time. Whether at work or in personal life, you’re always going to face challenges and obstacles that can be hard to put in a proverbial lockbox. While stress can be a good thing that pushes you to be a better work leader or stronger individual, I’ve learned that you also need to develop the ability to stay in the moment. Every day, I try to find small, 15-minute blocks to focus on joyful things. This could mean taking a walk to the local coffee shop, picking up the phone (skip the text) and calling a friend or listening to a podcast. Practicing the art of micro-enjoying life has helped me better deal with life’s stresses and put into perspective what really matters.”

–Robert Weiss, founding CEO of FanDragon Technologies, a provider of secure mobile ticket delivery solutions that has raised $12 million in funding

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