INTIX 2020: FanDragon Preview

by FanDragon Technologies, January 17, 2020

INTIX 2020 is just around the corner, and FanDragon’s Steve Machin and Alan Rakov will be hosting an innovative workshop at this year’s annual conference in New York City. 

The Tuesday, January 21st session, titled “Standards Save the World: Ensuring a Successful Future for Ticketing,” sets an ambitious goal. The workshop will take the first steps towards creating a diverse industry team that will, over time, help craft beta standards across all aspects of ticketing: from web to box office, from major and minor categories all the way through the ontology of ticketing.  

The three-part session will feature a panel discussion exploring how standards are used to stimulate gains in collaboration, productivity, and innovation — while also encouraging healthy competition and development.  They will recount the successes and failures that inevitably come with standardization and discuss its ultimate necessity. 

“Intuitively we all understand that Standards can help an industry unlock growth by removing barriers to collaboration,” said Alan. “The open question is – how is that going to work in ticketing where systems and companies are very protective?”

“The future of ticketing lies in our ability to speak the same language – both at a human and machine level,” said Steve. “For example, just standardizing naming conventions and metadata will enable platforms and services to integrate quickly and efficiently. We are excited to be hosting a panel of ticketing pioneers and facilitating the start of a meaningful discussion about the role standards can play in the industry.”

“Standards Save the World: Ensuring a Successful Future for Ticketing,” will take place at 3:45pm on Tuesday, January 21st during INTIX 2020 @ The Hilton Midtown NYC.  Alongside Steve and Alan, panelists will include Einar Sævarsson from Activity Stream, Amy Graca from Caesars Entertainment, Anna Wiseman from Spektrix and Phil Hanson from QueueIt.

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