Why We Created the Fan Experience Index

by FanDragon Technologies, November 4, 2019

We’re proud to announce the very first Fan Experience Index Survey report!

Here at FanDragon, we know that live experiences are among the most profound and impactful events in our lives. Whether that be concerts, festivals, or sporting events, nothing makes us feel more alive than being in a crowd of people, experiencing a single moment with thousands of strangers, making memories that will last a lifetime. In an era of fragmentation, these experiences keep us together; they bond us.

And yet, there is a delicate balance of many players – venues, fans, talent, tickets. If any one of these elements is out of whack, the result can be frustration and disappointment.  

At FanDragon, our mission is to improve the ticketed fan experience.  In order to come up with true solutions, we first have to really understand what is going on.  That’s why we conducted the Fan Experience Index survey – to get a current & accurate snapshot of the state of live events right now.  Audiences and attitudes are dynamic and ever-changing. 

We surveyed 1200+ American adults in September 2019.  We focused our questions on three main areas: 1) Fan Attendance, 2) Fan Behavior, and 3) The Ticketing Process.  The results were very surprising. Simply put, Americans are obsessed with live events: 72% are willing to pay up to $500 for a single ticket.  Ticket fraud is a major issue – with 14% having been a victim of purchasing a fraudulent ticket, and 61% agreeing that government needs to play a bigger role in protecting fans from being ripped off.  

Fans feel a sense of freedom at events – nearly half using social media to hook up at events.  On the other hand, fan enthusiasm can get out of hand – with 24% admitting to outright stalking of fans, and 23% admitting to sneaking into an event – stats that should give pause and reflection to venues and talent who are interested in security and maximizing their profits. 

We’re still just digesting the results, but we already know we want to dig deeper into certain areas.  To read the entire report, visit FanExperienceIndex.com.

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